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Back to School - Project Update

Posted by Lisa Villarreal on

Oh, my goodness.  These last few days I have put so many hours on my machine I’m surprised I haven’t seen it smoking! 

To remind myself of my direction I had made this mood board for myself.

Looking at this, I started off with lots of ideas that quickly spiraled into ‘ok, but what can I finish!?’.  I began with a few simple sweaters, adding ease at the waist for a looser, flowing silhouette.  I used an adorable pink waffle knit and another mint green lace knit to create these two sweaters.

Then I pulled out a new pattern for a button up shirt.  I loved the idea of a soft blue chambray and a cute pink plaid, so I found a nice blue chambray and pink striped shirting in my stash and whipped up these babies. 

When I looked at these shirts with jeans it felt like there was something missing so I created a longer open front cardigan from another pattern I created last fall and found two amazing sweater knit fabrics that were perfect for a light weight cardigan and these two beauties were born.

Then last night I said we need some jeans!  And pulled out my tried and true jean pattern and whipped out these, adding some distressing and some rips that seem to be so popular, though I can’t seem to understand why!  I will say these turned out just darling!  I think I will add a matching darker pair tonight.

So here is the entire mini collection so far.


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