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Back to School - Trends for Fall 2020

Posted by Lisa Villarreal on

Welcome back!  Today we are discussing back to school Fall 2020 trends!  I was so excited to come up with a small and quick project for myself.  My kiddos are all still in quarantine and I don’t think they will be going physically back to school, but I wanted to make something seem normal still, so we decided to plan a mini back to school release for our American Girl Dolls. 

We began by looking at some of this year’s back to school trends, and y’all there were a lot of them!  So, we began where all our projects begin, on Pinterest and the interwebs.  We started a mood board on Pinterest and named it Back to School Fall 2020 Mood Board which you can follow here if you choose to.  Then we went virtual window shopping!  My goodness we ended up with a ‘want’ list a mile long it seems.  Next, we went through and looked at some of the trends of what we pinned.  We left out all of the outliers and looked solely on what we seemed to gravitate towards.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Once we have a few ideas of what we were going to create, we began jotting down notes of what we saw we liked and what we wanted to recreate.  Some of these ideas were skinny jeans, sweaters, canvas shoes, ankle boots, button ups, rolled sleeves, and bracelets.  Then we went searching through our patterns looking for likely matches.  Looking at our reoccurring themes, we grabbed our favorite tried and true patterns.  Here is a small snapshot of those patterns:

Once I had ideas and patterns with notes of what I wanted to create, I made a small collage to hang for inspiration.

Last step in the planning phase is to go through the fabric cabinet!! This is by far my favorite part.  We look for fabric choices that match the pattern, but that also match the look we are tying to achieve.  This year I’m playing with a comfy chic name/theme.  So, a lot of our fabric choices we about what looks comfortable.  Here are some of our fabric picks:

Now comes the hard part, I have to get to sewing!!!  Check back in a few days, I’ll have some progress updates and pictures to share.  But before you leave, what is your must-have back to school item?  For me it was always a hoodie, my daughters must have skinny jeans, and the boys always beg for new sneakers!


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